About us

Bad Moon Armory started out of a passion for creating unique AR platform weapons. That passion for creating something different really stands out with their customers and provides an opportunity to work directly with a manufacturer to get exactly what they are looking for instead of the same old off-the-rack rifles. Their attention to detail, combined with strict quality control standards, allows for their custom cerakoted weapons to be warrantied for life. If anything ever goes wrong with your Bad Moon Armory weapon, it’s covered. Bad Moon Armory is a Type 07 FFL holder.

Meet the staff

Jon has spent the larger portion of his years building rifles and has worked in multiple corners of the the firearms related industry. His experience draws from law enforcement, parts manufacturing, wholesale and OEM supply, and from firearms retail sales. After some years, and being bored with seeing the black rifles rebranded across the country, he started spraying cerakote. He brings a unique and creative approach to handling customers wants and needs and strives to provide them with a one of a kind shopping experience.

Genevieve came into the firearm industry after meeting Jon. At first, she wasn’t familiar, or even comfortable with the AR platform weapons, but after spending some time on the range, she has come to love and respect what they stand for. She is an RN and has spent her career working in emergency rooms and trauma centers all across the country. Now, Genevieve handles day to day operations for Bad Moon Armory, and occasionally, has to employ her nursing skill set to patch up Jon after he’s done something stupid.