So SHOT show has come and gone, and we still don’t have any more of those elusive M16A1 uppers in stock for your retro clone build…yet. Now, I know you are all feeling like you did freshman year when you rolled onto campus feeling like McLovin but turns out you’re hitting a dry spell, and certainly the carry handle shakes aren’t helping you score. I promise we’re working on it. And it won’t be too much longer so long as Saint Eugene continues to send some love this way. We are expecting our next order to be about 300 uppers. They’ll be black anodized(not the colt XM gray), so they’ll match modern lowers. These will have the standard A1 feedramps so any barrels out there will work with them.



In the meantime, we have been working on landing some slick-ass, molded N23 PDW handguards for some super shorty builds. If you’re not familiar with these bad little Larry’s, here’s an article from Recoil Magazine about a little N23 PDW build by Dave Merrill.








I know…I know…those 7.5″ barrels “suck ass” and make your ears bleed, but lemme ask you this, do you really give a shit about hearing what people are saying on the range anyway? I mean, look at it this way, nobody will expect much from you when they see that dried, crusty trickle of blood on your earlobes. And you damn sure can get away with not having to show that safari vest clad RSO in the mesh-back NRA Lifetime member hat with the gold clusters on the bill any sort of paperwork when he asks about “yer tax stamp” on that cold hearted, short bitch you just ripped off 30 rounds with. Fuckin hell! You can’t hear a word he’s sayin’! Anyway, these N23 handguards are molded to fit your 7.5″ barrels with standard front sight bases pinned on them. They’er 2 piece, clam shell design is just a shortened version of the skinny round CAR-15 handguards. They are dope as shit, and you’re definitely gonna need some for that mini-blaster build that packs down small enough to be handy for grocery shopping when Joe Biden derails this place into an apocalyptic wasteland of polyvinyl chloride gas clouds. Not that we believe that stuff’s dangerous or anything, just that it’s likely to fuck up the banana sale prices at your local produce shack, and we know how dependent your social life is on that fresh bundle of chiquitas…for the potassium and such.

So…there’s that. We’re hoping to have these handguards available, and on the website in the next few weeks.


Anyway, if you want to get a head start on things, we’ve got some other retro carbine an XM-177 parts in stock now. Here’s some links for our convenience:

6 Hole CAR Handguards

A1 Slip Ring

Teardrop Forward Assist

Composite CAR Buttstock

A1 Rear Sight Assembly

A1 Flash Hider

A1 Pistol Grip

XM-177/GAU-5 Furniture Set


M16A1 Upper Receiver Update & Some N23 Handguards Inbound

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