2 Position AR Buffer Tube


Sometimes, limiting options is a good thing, and these 2 position buffer tubes is where it’s at for those of us that don’t have time for all that adjustability nonsense. In or out, as your Mom would say. Ehhmmm…like, stay in or stay out. Not like that weird shit her and your old man got into when he found that Kama Sutra book at the hippy neighbor’s yard sale for 50 cents. You won’t even need a therapist to unpack this tube like you did when you walked in on them trying out their new ancient Sanskrit how-to manual.

Fits mil-spec profile buttstocks like our CAR-15 Composite stock…but don’t you even think about throwing some goofy Magpul shit on there. Just fucking don’t. Eugene would never forgive you(probably). Also, these tubes are black and not the Colt gray color that’s hard as hell to match.

**New Product – Actual product pics coming soon. We’d draw you a picture, but the computer screen still has crayon stuck to it from the last time we tried that.**

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Wanna read a little about the rifles that laid the God hand to communism? Check out this bit of slick ass Cong slayer porn right here.

2 Position AR Buffer Tube


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