604 Clone Upper, 20″ Barreled Upper


Ahh, yes…a Colt 604 clone upper. Just what Uncle Eugene wanted us all to have before big Army demanded a manual bolt closure device (*rolls eyes* Thanks, Bob McNamara!). This Upper is a black anodized slickside A1 and comes packaged up and sporting a 1×9 twist modern 20″ light profile “pencil” barrel with A1 handguards, A1 flash hider, straight slip ring and all of the envious side-eyed glances from your range boys. It’s a perfect representation of a more civilized weapon for modern times, and the exact upper you need to live life on easy street in Anytown, USA. We can’t promise that your USMC vet neighbor will stop with the Air Force jokes, or that his dog will stop murdering your grass when he takes a dump on your front lawn, but it damn sure wouldn’t hurt for you to catch that respect for your retro rifle tastes…just ask Doc J. He knows a thing or two about animals coming to your rescue.

**Edit: We know the pictured upper is missing a rear sight assembly. The rear sight is actually installed in these uppers. We are just short of competent photographers around here these days and the ADHD kid with an iPhone doesn’t have the attention to detail some of us come equipped with…. We just have to work with the photos he gets us.

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