Bad Moon Armory XM-15 Pro Line, M81 Woodland Cerakote


Our Pro Line Ar-15 platform rifles are designed to be workhorse rifles with the professional end user in mind. These weapons get a little special treatment when they go together creating clean, crisp trigger breaks, a smoother action, and some felt recoil reduction allowing for faster follow up shots on target. They are all equipped with match grade 5.56 NATO chambered, 1X7 twist barrels and are expected to provide sub-MOA accuracy right out of the box. These rifles come with 15″ MLOK handguards with QD sockets machined in, a captured recoil spring & buffer system, 7075 aluminum buffer tubes, receivers and charging handles, full mil-spec hardened, chrome lined bolt carrier groups with 158C steel bolts and pinned low profile steel gas blocks to ensure reliable operation. These rifles have the option of our 6 position adjustable minimalist stocks or the Ace ARFX Skeletonized fixed stock with no added upgrade charge. As with all Bad Moon Armory firearms, they carry the our lifetime warranty and are shipped with one 30 round magazine in a premium soft nylon case.

This rifle is finished in our M81 Woodland cerakote pattern and is outfitted with the Ace ARFX skeletonized fixed stock. M81 Woodland camo has been a tried-and-true pattern for the ages, dubbed “God’s plaid” by many, and brings most of us back to better, pre-woke culture digital days. It’s sort of like a fine wine that gets better with age except you don’t need to be a pretentious asshole to own it. This is the rifle Uncle Eugene would give a head nob of approval for and is designed to kick the dicks off bad guys wherever they may be hiding! Bring it home, charge it up, and beat the brakes right off of communism with a truly remarkable piece of raw American exceptionalism. Afterall, M81 Woodland is the official favorite color of Major Dutch Schaefer.


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