Bolt Carrier Group


True Mil-Spec Bolt Carrier Group

Chrome lined carrier? Check. Magnetic particle inspected? Check. C158 Steel Bolt? Check. Properly staked gas keys so your gun keeps running like Uncle Eugene would’ve wanted? Check! No frills are needed when you just want the most reliability in your rifle!

These are true mil-spec bolt carrier groups for serious rifles. They are USA made and don’t know what the fuck a kilometer is. They don’t have some fancy coating or any janky ass cutaways to them. They weren’t made by magical forest nymphs, and don’t have any fucking glitter or rhinestones impregnated into them. The only thing that’ll be impregnated with this BCG around is your old lady when she sees you finally ditched that sub-standard shit for a real man’s fighting ramrod in your blaster and finally lets you board the train to Coitusville again. These babies are phosphate coated and ship out dry so they’ll look a little gray when you get them. A quick application of a little hooker spit, or some Coors banquet, or whatever your preferred lube is, will turn them dark and charge them up so you’ll be ready to melt faces of evil-doers anywhere. Don’t settle for soft, substandard guts in a rifle you want to protect yourself with! Pick up one of these and tell China to fuck off with their pot metal parts.

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