Custom Cerakote Services

Here at Bad Moon Armory we specialize in Custom Cerakote. We have been coating firearms and other items for over 10 years. You can see a small example of our works here on this page and you can check out our Instagram here for latest projects we are working on. Trust me when I saw we are always “cooking up” something….

Getting Cerakote done with us is a simple 3 step process!
>>>Fill out the form below to start the process!
>>>Ship your item(s), Cerakote form and copy of your ID to the Armory!
>>>Get back your custom Cerakoted piece!

If the item to be sent in is not listed please contact us here first so we can price the item accordingly before shipping.

Click here to see color variations available. If you have any concerns of questions about colors please feel free to contact us. We use “H-series” colors for our standard coatings. We have to many colors in stock to list!

We offer discounted rates for manufacturers and bulk orders. Contact us today for these rates!

Current coating price sheet as of 9/1/2022

One Color Long Guns

-Complete AR / Bolt Action / Pump Shotgun – $250
-AR Upper – $100
-AR Lower – $100
-AR Handguard – $150

One Color Handguns

-Complete Glock / M&P / Sig Striker fired – $175
-Slide Only – $100
-Frame Only – $100
-1911 / Revolvers + all other handguns contact us for quote


-Small External Parts – $40
-Spare Mags with complete gun – $15
-Spare Mags without complete gun – $50
-Rifle Stocks – $120
-Scopes – contact us for quote

Two Color Jobs

-Complete AR / Bolt Action / Pump Shotgun – $350
-Complete Glock / M&P / Sig striker fired handguns – $225

Camo Patterns
  • -Complete AR / Bolt Action / Pump Shotgun
        • 3 color starts @ $375
        • 4 color starts @ $400
        • 5 color starts @ $425
        • 6 color starts @ $450
  • -Complete Glock / M&P / Sig striker fired handguns
        • 3 color starts @ $275
        • 4 color starts @ $300
        • 5 color starts @ $325
        • 6 color starts @ $350


$50 armorer fee for disassembly/reassembly will be applied to final cost but is waived on all AR15’s and Glock Handguns.

Once you complete the following form you will be contacted to verify your order and for finalized shipping information. Shipping costs are not included in price sheet. Once items are received at the armory and completed you will be contacted and an invoice will be generated and emailed to you via our website. Payment is due in full upon completion of job.  A copy of this form should be generated for you upon completion for your records and to include in your shipment. If you do not get this copy feel free to contact us and we will email you one.


Cerakote Ordering Form :


    Custom Cerakote Services


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