DOE 9mm Pistol


So… these are some fucking cool little AR pistols. For those that don’t know, the DOE-9 is reminiscent of the old Colt DOE SMG weapons used by the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Facilities security forces. Now, ours are obviously reproduction weapons, but they’d surely lay the God hand down on anyone looking to disrupt your power sources. Whether it be that poor unsuspecting utility guy that’s there to cut your shit off for nonpayment, or setting an ambush for whoever the fuck keeps snatching your phone charger, these babies will handle it! If you’d like to read a little more about the original DOE SMG’s, there is a really good article on them here.

Works with Colt pattern 9mm magazines (each gun ships with one 32 round magazine)

Comes with the Bad Moon Armory Lifetime Guarantee (yours or mine)

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