Glock Slide Milling Download – Envy – G19


The Envy slide cut for Glock 19 sized slides will turn some heads with your regular gun crowd. Adding those extra slide serrations will help you grate the jealousy right the fuck out of any ne’er-do-wells that feel like lifting your wallet in the mall parking lot. Partnering this slide cut up with your lame old factory Glock 19 slide makes for the perfect sidekick to rule the day and cure that mugger of his envious ways. Remember kids, there is no “I” in “team,” but there’s certainly a “U” in “Go fuck off somewhere else, you raggedy little shit, before you catch this heat!”

This design is the next one in our deadly sins pack.

This free download is only the .DD file you would need to complete the glock slide milling for the showcased design on your GG3 (or GG3-S) Ghostgunner machine. The file is compatible with the currently available DD optics cut fixture. Other versions compatible with the GGD optics cut fixture that utilizes the same baseplate as the GGD Universal AR fixture baseplate will be available soon.

We also will be uploading a few helpful walk-through videos to get you started with using your GG3 or GG3-S, so go ahead and subscribe to the youtube channel to stay updated when anything new drops.

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