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This free download is only the .DD file you would need to complete the glock slide milling for the showcased design on your GG3 (or GG3-S) Ghostgunner machine. The file is compatible with the currently available DD optics cut fixture. Other versions compatible with the GGD optics cut fixture that utilizes the same baseplate as the GGD Universal AR fixture baseplate will be available soon.

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This series of Glock slide milling files are meant to pay homage to some of the innovators in the personal firearms milling community. While we aren’t outwardly naming names here, each of these files is a simple head nod to show our respect and appreciation to a particular ghost-gunning pioneer, so…IYKYK.

Well, well, well, ladies, gentlemen, and all you beautifully twisted souls under that desert moon. Gather ’round as we pay homage to a man who’s carved his own trail through the treacherous digital and ballistic frontiers. Deep in the blistering Sonoran heat, where the sun scorches deeper than the aspirations of silicon cowboys, we tip our hats to a bona fide renegade of ones and zeros, a maverick who’s seamlessly melded the art of crafting code with the dance of lead and fire.

He’s not merely a pioneer; he’s a certifiable mad genius who’s transformed this unforgiving landscape into a canvas for his digital masterpieces. With the spirit of a gunslinger and the brain of a rogue coder, he’s spun intricate worlds of code under the blazing sun and choreographed deadly ballets beneath the desert stars. In the arena where bits collide with bullets, he’s engraved his name with the ferocity of a wild stallion tearing through lines of code, all while drawing inspiration from the kinesic poetry of Krav Maga.

So, raise your glasses high, my friends, to this digital desperado, this coding gunslinger who’s tamed the savage wilderness of software and steel. He’s etched his own legend amidst the unforgiving sands, and tonight, we celebrate the man, the myth, and the code-wrangler who’s made the desert his playground.

Glock Slide Milling Download – G-Man


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