Level IIIA Ballistic FAST Helmet


Protect your most vital organ….no, not that, you perv! Your brain! All you boog boys running around with plate carriers and shit in your Toyota Corolla, talking about how you’re gonna save the day from tyranny…what if you take one to the dome? I know, you’re too cool for all that, right? Lemme ask you guys this…what 2 things need to be exposed from cover to engage a target that may be shooting back at you? I’ll wait while you all think on this one….if you guessed your head and your weapon, you’d be correct. So why not strap a lid on your birth-breacher instead of buying that next go faster part for your glock or AR? Just ask Starship Trooper Johnny Rico the importance of wearing a helmet during live-fire exercises.

These FAST helmets are rated at level IIIA by the ballistic Gods that be. They’ve been tested to take 4 rounds from a .44 mag without spilling the beans, and they’re insanely affordable pieces of equipment that you’ll appreciate having it you ever were to need it. Right now, we’ve just got them in Black(just the way Henry Ford and Batman would want it). Large and Extra Large sizes available now with more sizes to follow soon.

These helmets provide IAW NIJ tested Level 3a low profile protection. They are compatible with communication systems, gas masks and helmet mounted night vision goggles. Helmets have a fully adjustable, five point harness with a leather chinstrap that holds a quick release buckle. Total weight is less than 3.7lbs.

Large: Head circumference 22”-23.75”. XL: Head circumference 22.45-24.4”

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