M16A1 Barreled Upper, 20″ Pencil Profile Barrel,


If you’re looking to be the Fortunate Son, this is the rifle upper for you. Having an M16A1 clone rifle is close as you’ll ever get to carrying Lieutenant Dan out of the hot zone. These are barreled to USGI specs and ready for sex. These bad little Larrys are true M16A1 uppers by Nodak kitted up with a 20″ lightweight “pencil” profile, modern 1X9 twist barrel with the correct height front sight base. They’ve got the A1 handguards your daddy talks about still, and a teardrop forward assist that represents the pain you’re pouring on those crushed beer cans downrange. Also holding it all together is an A1 slip ring that’s straighter than your cousin, Francisco, because real men don’t need those fancy slanted delta rings. They’re the perfect embodiment of retro rifle goodness and probably way cooler than anything else in your safe already. Hell, one of these uppers may actually lend enough cool points over to you that you’ll finally find the nerve to ask that hot Starbucks barista girl out. I know she says she doesn’t “like guns”, but everybody sees right through her facade of left-wing fear and knows she really wants to bang a rifle connoisseur such as yourself. I mean, why wouldn’t she?! You’ve obviously got impeccable tastes in the finer things if you own one of these sweet babies.


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