M16A1 Upper Receiver


Brand new, never molested(much) M16A1 stripped upper receiver. These are the way to go for that rowdy ass clone build you’re looking to finish up! Uppers are Nodak forged uppers and machined to true M16A1 upper specs with no M4 feedramps. The hardcoat anodizing color on these uppers is black instead of gray so they will more closely match the majority of the lowers in the wild today. Don’t wait on these, because they will not last long! It has taken us nearly 18 months to lay hands on some fresh M16A1 uppers, and I suspect they will be hard to restock for a good bit.

***heavy Capt. Willard breathing intensifies***

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We strive to keep a selection of parts for clone rifles in stock. Take a look and see what we have here and find some resources for the clone rifle you may be looking to build on these uppers.

M16A1 Upper Receiver


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