Smoke & Thermite Grenade Tumblers


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Wake up and caffeinate yourself in real style with our M18 Smoke Grenade tumblers. You’ll be the talk of the office when your buddies see you roll into that next boring-ass mandatory meeting. They’ll all know you’re ready to mark your location for a hasty EXFIL.

Or, just say fuck it all, and burn it to the ground with the Thermite Grenade cup. Nothing will show your hatred of TPS Report coversheets like the Thermite insulated tumbler. That copy machine will think twice before jamming up and throwing you a PC Load Letter error code while you’re sipping your life juice from it.


These tumblers are 20 ounces, double-wall insulated cups with a spill-resistant lid. They’re forged from the finest Beskar, Valerian and Adamantium metals we could find (read, stainless steel construction), and keep your beverage of choice at the optimal consumption temperature for a really long time. These ain’t no old-school smoke grenades — they’re modern and magnificent.

There is a reason these are among those popular selections of Bad Moon Armory loot.

Trust us! It’s science! And hey, these aren’t toxic at all.

Note 1: M18 Smoke Grenade insulated tumbler does not include M201A1 pull-ring igniter. Does not feature a “mousetrap” style igniting fuze with a 1.2 – 2.0-second (or any) delay. Ignition does not ignite the filler and expels it from the grenade body. Not recommended for command and signal. Very doubtful anyone in a helicopter or running CAS will see it. Do not huck it into into linear danger areas or open terrain to obscure movement; it’ll be really loud and it’ll just spill your drink (unless you throw like a wuss).

Note 2: AN/M14 Thermite Grenade custom tumblers don’t actually burn at 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, they don’t even burn at all. You might burn your tongue though if you’re not careful, ‘cuz they’ll keep your coffee, màichá, sahlab, or even Suutei Tsai nice and warm for a really long time. Like the other tumblers on here, they don’t have an M20A1 fuze (or any fuze) and throwing them is just stupid.



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