Maverick 88 12 ga, 18.5″ Barrel, Multicam Black Cerakote


Almost your standard pump-action 12 gauge Maverick 88 security by Mossberg here with a 18.5″ cylinder bore, 3″ chambered barrel with front bead sight. Synthetic Stock and forend have been cerakoted, along with the original blued finish replaced with cerakote. The shotgun has an overall length of 39.5″ with a fixed length of pull of 14.5″, and a tube capacity of 5+1 (3″ shells).

This sweet baby is everything you need and nothing you don’t. The Maverick 88 by Mossberg has been a staple of American culture since 1988 (hence the “88” model) and has been blasting the shit out of clay pigeons, evil-doers, all types of poultry, and empty beer cans of all brands and sizes. This rad randy little bastard is chambered in 12 gauge and will accept up to a 3″ shell with 5 in the tube and one in the batter’s box. It’ll also shoot those little mini shells all the boys got into awhile back if you add in the little rubber adapter plug. It’s the perfect embodiment of home security for when you hear a bump in the night. Picture it now…You’re about half comatosed in your lazyboy chair from smashing cheese doodles and watching ancient aliens reruns. Suddenly, there’s a terrible clanging sound at your back door! You spring to life and, following the plan you’ve already worked out, grab that black camo Clydesdale and start checking for the nefarious at heart, quietly creeping through the house. Confidence seeps from your pores as you emerge from the shadows, the black camo barrel of that hate machine poised to deliver a dose of pure anarchy from it’s mouth. It’s loaded with some home-made shit you loaded yourself. First round…a mix of magnesium flakes, pepperspray powder and dirty cat litter, followed up with a few rounds loaded with rusty roofing nails and stripper glitter…which is cool because it’s a 18.5″ cylinder bore barrel and you’re the subversive type anyway. Tip-toeing your way to where that gawdawful clanking originated from, you slice that corner and bear down on the culprit. The volley of chaos that ensues lights the backyard in a grotesquely lethal final fireworks show for whatever you find fucking around out there.


Anyway, this shotgun came to us used, and got a full makeover and is ready to roll now with a fresh finish that looks cool as the other side of your pillow. Only one available so you can show off how unique an individual you are with the guys, and it’s way faster and cheaper to skip the line on turnaround time and buy it cerakoted already.

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Maverick 88 12 ga, 18.5″ Barrel, Multicam Black Cerakote


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