Glock Slide Milling Download – Simpático





This free download is only the .DD file you would need to complete the glock slide milling for the showcased design on your GG3 (or GG3-S) Ghostgunner machine. The file is compatible with the currently available DD optics cut fixture. Other versions compatible with the GGD optics cut fixture that utilizes the same baseplate as the GGD Universal AR fixture baseplate will be available soon.


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This series of Glock slide milling files are meant to pay homage to some of the innovators in the personal firearms milling community. While we aren’t outwardly naming names here, each of these files is a simple head nod to show our respect and appreciation to a particular ghost-gunning pioneer, so…IYKYK.

Ahhhh, into the eye of the troubleshooting storm you find yourself. We’ve been there too. Lucky for you, there’s a calm, pragmatic tone on the other end of your phone line that’s walking you through the steps to unfuck whatever it is you did wrong. You likely skipped a step or two or three, and your rage boils over into a fit of tears falling like the shiny flakes of freedom from that spent aluminum forging you just shredded through. Nevertheless, the deliberate words he lays like cobblestones in your brain, bringing you back onto the righteous path and keeping you out of the fuckery weeds you so enjoy rolling in. Bonus points for that voice coming through with a thick Spanish accent.

However calm and likable that Latin demeanor may sound, make no mistake…behind those slow and soothing words lies a fiery rage box full of gunfire topped off with the mustache you wish you could grow. Don’t push your luck brother…it takes a lot, but you don’t wanna find yourself on the bad side of this troubleshooting sicario.

Glock Slide Milling Download – Simpático


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