Spikes Tactical ST-15 Rifle, Magnum Vice Cerakote


Anyone ever notice that Magnum PI was just Pacific Ocean Miami Vice? Thomas Magnum and sidekick TC out cruising the beaches in fast cars and helicopters and shit, fighting crime and suppressing evil. Then we had Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs holding it down in sunshine state territory still driving fast cars and blasting bad guys…?

Ehhh… anyway, so this rifle came back to us from the customer we coated it for to sell. It started it’s life as an AR-15 pistol until the brace ban bullshit kicked off. Now, it’ll live out it’s days as a rifle since we reworked it and put a new 5.56 NATO, 16″ 1×7 twist, 4140 chrome moly steel barrel in it. We also added that minimalist buttstock to keep the beach body trim and lean. This AR was a bit of a safe queen that didn’t really see any range time, so it really didn’t need much to get it worthy of fighting off the beach geese from stealing your snacks. It’s in excellent condition only showing a couple of wear spots on the shell deflector. The rifle was built with a Spikes Tactical ST-15 “Waterboarding Instructor” lower with our components and our complete upper. Of course, we did that Aloha Snackbar cerakote finish it’s sporting too. Palm Leaves in graphite black, flamingos and a few hibiscus flowers in rose gold with the other flowers in titanium and a dominant tungsten cerakote finish adorn the entire rifle and makes for a head turning surf machine for sure. We know for sure that Rico Tubbs would’ve been down to smoke some smugglers with this one.

💨 ‘Out Where The Buses Don’t Run’ - Season 2, Episode 3 | Miami Vice

Buying this rifle probably won’t land you an 80’s bikini model, but then again, those 80’s bikini models would be like 60 something today so you definitely might have a chance. Those golden girls probably need a pool boy, and I’m sure their credit score is good by now. So…get after it.

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