XM-177E2/GAU-5 A/A Upper


So you wanna run through the jungle, or count yourself a fortunate son, or whatever. That’s cool. We dig that old school, retro stuff around here too! In fact, if it wasn’t for guns like the XM-177/GAU-5A/A, you probably wouldn’t even exist today! Your pops was overseas stacking Cong like the true collector he is, sending pics home to your Mom and it got her all hot and bothered to see such a wild man exists in the world, and you were conceived on leave. We’ve heard that story a 1,000 times! Anyway, here’s that XM-177/GAU-5A/A upper you need to look half as cool as the old man was.

This upper is built on a refinished original M16A1 upper. It’s rocking a tear drop forward assist, A1 rear sight, straight slip ring and those round CAR15 handguards your Dad told you about from back in his day. The barrel is a 11.5” modern 1×7 twist barrel and the flash hider is a 5.5” XM style with grenade ring machined in. **Flash hider is NOT pinned and welded**


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